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Stick Control Exercises
By Darrell Grey

Two exercises that will help improve your stick control are Bridgeman and the Paradiddle Pyramid. You will learn these exercises on a snare drum but once you feel comfortable with them you will be able to substitute these patterns from the snare onto other drums and cymbals. A few other exercises that will add to your fills and drum techniques are the double stroke roll exercises.

The Bridgeman exercise is a good way to improve accent control for right and left hands. It is important to try and only use your wrist when performing this exercise. This will also help improve your stick control.

Paradiddle Pyramid
The paradiddle exercise is excellent for improving the technique of alternating stick patterns. This becomes very useful when you begin to take the patterns off the snare and onto the rest of your kit.

The Double Stroke Roll
The double stroke roll exercises will help you develop your fills as well as add to your drum solos.

The Accented Double Stroke Roll
The accented double stroke roll exercise is good for developing your snare fills or alternating between toms and cymbals.

If you have any questions about the exercises above, please feel free to email your questions to:darrellgrey@seattledrummer.com