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Born in 1966 and playing since the age of 13, Duff Drew is a long term veteran of the Seattle Scene. Growing up a little north of Seattle, his early bands include trendsetting, genderbender glam band THE TRIDS (Lake Hill regulars along with Shadow, Culprit, LipStick and Overlord) and seminal Seattle "Grunge" pioneers, C/Z recording Artists, MY EYE. As the Seattle scene exploded Duff found himself playing for as many as 9 acts at one point. Duffs' playing can also be heard with STOMACHPUMP (Penultimate Records), BELUGA (CM Records), Swine before Pearls Comp. (CM Records) TOOTHPASTE 2000 (Parasol Records), Marble (Bedazzled Discs) and Mercury Records recording Artists MANRAY. One of Duffs' most recent sessions can be heard with DREW PEARCE found on MP3.com. Currently, Duff is busy in the studio recording with a talented vocalist, Eric Coldiron and their band Upper. Upper's debut cd release in July of this year.

A student of Philosophy as well, receiving two different B.A. degrees in 4 years from Seattle University, Duff has had the opportunity to study drums with some of the best players in the world, they include Chuck Silverman, Will Kennedy, Marc Schulman and Seattle Drum School founder, Steven Smith. Duff also studied snare drum with Seattle Symphony tympanist, Michael Crusoe. Duff's talent and experience has made him a Seattle drummer in demand. Drums to Duff are a way of living, so gear becomes an important factor.

"I'm very into organic drumming and drums are precious to me. I've been around other drummers and felt like thier drums are more important to me than to them. Drumming is very spiritual to me"

Currently endorsed by Aquarian Heads, Duff is pursuing a stick and cymbal endorsement. Duff continues to play in bands and works as a session drummer. Duff also operates a drum tech service and store, The Drum Den. If you would like to contact Duff e-mail him at DuffDrum@hotmail.com or give him a call at 206-729-6747. Also, check out Duff's Drum community at The Drum Den Rhythm Summit.

Aztec Drum Company


Casual_ThinkingMAN RAY
Man Ray recorded and released Casual Thinking on TimKerr/Mercury records.


Toothpaste2000TOOTHPASTE 2000
Duff has recorded and continues to perform with ToothPaste 2000 in the Seattle area. They released death of the italian film star: a pop opera on a very reputible indie label out of Illinois known as Parasol Records.

        the death of the italian film star

Darrington is a collection of songs Drew Pearce has written and recorded over the last 4 years. Duff's drums on 3 of the tracks were recorded by Chris Sleight at Megasound.

        Slack Tied
        Hurricane Ridge

TREAD was recorded in 1995 at Hanzsek Audio and produced and engineere by Chris Hanzsek. Duff handled all of the drums and percussion on this 10 track release.


Are a collection of songs from the Seattle Public Access cable television series featuring The Swine and their musical guest. The CD was released in 1995.

        I didn't inhale

Manray evolved from Marble.

        Cosmic Cowboy (unreleased)


Duff and Man Ray received notable press for their unique "dark pop" sound of heavy guitar and intricate drum grooves. The band's journey to Mercury Records allowed Duff to appreciate working with indie labels. Fortunately, their music endures the business. Here are two different reviews of ManRay.