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Gordy has been drumming for 9 years now. He is 20 years old presently and lives in Mt. Vernon, WA up in the Skagit Valley. There are many bands up here that play frequently, including his band that he's been with since 1994, ,Prozack Staple. He is tight with good technique and takes after drummers such as Neil Peart of Rush, Danny Carrey of Tool, and Lars Ulrich of Metallica. You could desribe his style with all those three drummers combined. If you want to hear his drumming, go to their MP3.com link CLICK HERE and download their mp3's or buy their CD available on that web site with a credit card and if you don't have a credit card, e-mail him and he'll work something out. Another link to Prozack Staple's music is http://prozackstaple.iuma.com If there's any shows available contact us. We're always available and are presently trying to break into the Seattle scene. If interested in making a new contact up North in the Skagit Valley area for exchange of a show down south in the Seattle area contact us via e-mail or phone us at (360) 336-5683. Be sure to contact Prozack Staple at pstaple@hotmail.com or give them a call.