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Seattle Drummer
Many many moons ago, Eric got off his computer, exchanged his penny-loafers for some vans, ripped off his pocket protector and dedicated his life to metal, not to computer games.

    He immediately got tickets and went to see Slayer at the Paramount. After lots of booze he headed down to the bathroom. While stareing at the ceiling enjoying his piss, he heard a gurgling sound and looked down, and there was this hippy with long hair, passed out underneath the toilet drunk with piss on him. That was Aaron, he is now our bassist.


Greg Killin

    Then one lonely night Eric wasn't getting any nooky, so he invited Aaron to go to The Lusty Lady, ya know by Pioneer Square up the street from Doc Maynards. As they stood in line to get in, they noticed a crazy man wearing a bright orange radiation space suit, topped off with a aluminum foil hat to stop the voices. At first glimpse, Eric and Aaron just figured it was just another boring Seattle attraction. Then they saw him trying to sell bibles to customers entering the club. They knew instantly he had some balls. That was Colm, he is now our singer.

    They jammed for awhile. Then one uneventful night after a practice, the guys decided to make a trip to a porn shop. They picked the Blue Video on Aurora Ave... just off old 99... In the alley besides the building, they saw a fat hooker beating the hell out of this skinny white guy with a Mohawk. After listening closer it seems that the dude got some head and didn't have any money. We felt sorry for the poor bastard so we paid the hooker her measly five bucks, and saved the day. That was Greg, he's our drummer now. Since then we've played show after show building up our fan base, and our position in the Seattle metal scene.