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Rode into town on fumes with my drum kit and a pair of pants..that was the summer of '95. Some friends and I started a doom/grind band called Mourn The Sun. We exchanged members and played some great shows, but after our bass player and friend Tyler Hook passed away, Mourn the Sun would go with him. From those ashes formed my next band Myiasis, death metal with something a little different for seattle; we were actually good. after the demise of Myiasis in early '04, My friend Jonathan and I started a band called "Bleed the Devout" it too would fall under the death metal catagory. About 5 months later, an old friend of mine from the Mourn the Sun days, Aaron Connell (Aaron edge) called me, knowing my history with heavy bands, Wanted to know if I would be interested in a doom project with him. My current band was leaving me extra time, and I could fill that time with another band. That band is called Grievous www.grievousdoom.com I invited my guitarist Jonathan Boyle from Bleed the Devout to play bass. We just put out our first ep entitled "One breath from Winter" available through www.stonerrock.com. Jarrod Blaesing