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Seattle Drummer
Jason Jacobs aka "Slimmy D"
I am looking for a great challenging, rocking mother of a band. I am pretty open minded to many forms of music, so just because I am into the harder stuff , doesn't mean that's all I am gonna play. But it has to rock and possibly cause people to be sore after a live set. Challenge me. I am well versed in hard core, metal and rock with odd timing. hard hitting and solid. I grew up practicing to Copeland, Peart, Bruford, and Bonham. Now I am inspired by the wrath of Dave Lambardo, Igor Calavera, and Gene Hoglan. My last band was Hog Molly with the man TAD Doyle. If you are looking for a hi-energy fire cracker or a destroyer of minds.. contact me if you wish. I will not let you down. Come hear a little at http://www.epitonic.com/artists/hogmolly.html or www.koolarrow.com.