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Jerry is the former drummer for the band, fuzzpatch. He is currently filling in on drums for Liquid Fast and is working with a new project called BiOS; a hardcore techno/alternative metal band which should be performing in the greater metro area this fall. He has played drums professionally for over ten years and nine months. He left his position as frontman in the Death Metal/Punk band, Omeag@, in his home town of Missoula, Montana so he could play in "fuzzpatch" with his old friends guitarist/singer/song writer George Armstrong and bassists, Chad Briggs as well as James Olson to "tear Seattle a new a#$hole". He has also had many offers from other bands to obtain his unique "off beat hardhitting, style of percussion" just to name a few Crmudgin, Liquid Fast, Tommy Holfiller. His influences include Coal chamber, mr.Bungle, Buddy Rich, Sevendust, Grinspoon, Snot, and Faith no More. You can e-mail Jerry at posuerdrummer@hotmail.com