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Mainline: The Suckers Won't Break

Many years ago I bought a pair of synthetic sticks, I can't remember the name or brand but I do remember they were unbreakable and that's what I was looking for.. since I was going broke buying new sticks(back then ,I was living off paper boy money). Man those little pieces of wood start adding up. I figured I was spending a whopping $600 a year replacing them. I go through about a case a month. Most drummers probably aren't as destructive, but I enjoy rim shots on the snare... Back to the synthetic sticks I bought. Anyway, I was stoked that they weren't breaking and saving me money, but the problem was that they were just to freaking heavy and the flexibility on them caused a vibration that would buzz my wrists every time I hit a rim shot. It was damn annoying, so I ended up ditching the things and going back to wood, I'd rather pay the price, than destroy my wrists...

Well, that was until I was fortunate enough to come across Main Line sticks! I found out about these through the Weird Al drummer, Bermuda Schwartz. I figured I would try them and I'm glad I did. They're going to save me a small fortune! I swear these sticks are wood, they feel like wood, look like wood and play like a wood stick, but they can't be?.. because the suckers won't break, and I mean I've been bashing on them with FURY( I was Picturing them as my BOSS) just to test them and the battle is over ..THEY WIN! The only scars that are revealed, are tiny little shreds in the center of the stick, where I hit the rim...that's it. And they only cost me 16 dollars, I haven't broken them yet but Bermuda says he has broken a pair after six months of bashing and the tips cracked. If I do Break them in six months that means Just over $30 a year for sticks, that's saving me $570 dollars a year (I don't Know how this Company makes money?)... a new kit every year...oh yeah!! I'm sold!

Now for the Specs, I've heard they're made of Kevlar, but don't Quote me, that's just a rumor. What I do know is that they come in many sizes,7a's,5a's 5b's 2b's and probably just about any size you want. And you can purchase them at Jerry Garcia's Drum shop in Ballard, at Purvis Drum Shop in Burien, and at Green River Music in Auburn.
They should change the name of their sticks to Bottom Line sticks since the Bottom Line is you will save money.. Just go check them out.