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Seattle Drummer
I relocated here to Seattle six months ago in May of 1999 from Tucson, Arizona. My two previous bands were "the Senate" an alternative hard rock band and "the Hores", which is my own personal project which I not only play drums but also I sing and play guitar. I am currently jamming in a punk rock blues band called "the Harpys", but I am interested in other projects. Some of my major influences range from Bill Ward, John Bonham, Ginger Baker to a handful of sixties rock drummers. I like all forms of music but I tend to lean towards the veins of either punk or metal/stoner rock. Some of my favorite projects and established bands include the Oblivians, the Cows, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Pretty Things. Right now I would be into joining up or starting a band that is extremely heavy and noisy like Kyuss or Sleep. However, I am very open minded and can adjust and vary my style of play.
You can e-mail me at skgrease@hotmail.com.