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Seattle Jazz and Swing drummer Tim Coffey is currently doing fill-in work as well as playing some old standards with some local trios. After just relocating from the East Coast, Tim has been busy auditioning with multiple acts here in the Puget Sound area. Included in his skills are hand percussion and orchestral work; playing a season with the Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra in Charlotte, NC. Tim aspires to be on the "top-gun" list for jazz acts coming into Seattle needing some tasty stick and brush work.

Tim Coffey

Tim studied from grade school up through his last instructor, Mr. Rick Dior. Rick is one of the most sought-after jazz drummers and percussionists on the East Coast and travels abroad quite frequently. Tim also marched DCI in 88 with the world famous Star of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corps while attending Eastern Kentucky University. During this time was when Tim met and learned from the great Dennis DeLucia. Tim graduated with an Applied Mathematics degree from Lindsay Wilson College in Columbia, KY.

Mr. Coffey is also experienced in rock, blues, folk, classical, bluegrass and country. He can chart, read and is very experienced in the studio, always using a click-track and assisting with the arrangement when asked to do so.

For more information on Tim Coffey, please visit his site at http://www.coffeytime.com and/or contact him at: tim@coffeytime.com.