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TONY "Boney Beatbox" DAULEY
I have been playing for 18 years and I'm 28 now. I cut my chops in the So. Cal. punk scene. Fullerton to be specific. I have had the great priviledge of being influenced by local acts such as The Adolecsents, Social Distortion, TSOL, and many other punk greats. I love simplistic drumming such as Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts, but can lift a thing or two from the likes of Moon, Peart, and such. I play a vintage burgundy sparkle Ludwig 4 piece kit with vintage and new zildjian brass respectively. My current projects include a recording deal of original pomade brigade style stuff with surf mixed throughout. That project is called Los Vibratos featuring me on drums and on bass. I also wrote half the songs. I am also in a band called The Lucky Devils. We are a psychobilly/Rockabilly/hotrod rock four piece band. I can usually be found sitting in on drums for people at the Acoustic Cafe in Summner,Wash. as the house drummer. You can contact me at blownchevy@hotmail.com.