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Greetings Fellow Bashers, Rock-Poppers, Bluesmen, Swingsters, Jazzers and Lovers of Rhythm. The following are 2-1 bar examples (or 1 2-bar example if ya prefer) that have kind of a neat groove to them when played at the appropriate tempos with feel and taste. They are kinda funky, but with the addition of the rim click as a sound source, they sound kinda latin as well. I suggest starting at 60-80 bpm and maxing out at about 114 bpm. Any faster and the groove starts to get lost a little. These exercises offer us a fun and challenging gateway to 4-way independence and some intersting odd time stuff (next articles!).

Latin Funk Does The Funky Latin

In my next articles I will expand on these ideas by delving into odd-time expansions of these grooves and also offer different ride patterns and H.H.(foot) patterns...such as say maybe, the clave..?? And maybe someday SeattleDrummer and myself will get some sound files to go along with these exercises...stay tuned...In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy these exercises and keep practicing and Rockin on...

Yours in Rhythm.......DUFFDRUM.

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