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Found a Pleasant Surprise in a Zildjian Box Set

Paiste and Zildjian have been boosting their sales by offering box sets and cymbal Packages. These Sets usually have a combination of sizes and types of cymbals, combined of the same style or series. I have purchased a number of these packages and it's been well worth it. The price is reduced drastically and usually you get pretty good cymbals. But typically they have been the cheaper models, which means lower quality. At least that has been my experience, until just recently.

I purchased a Crash cymbal pack by Zildjian, called A Custom Crashes. In the Box were '18 and '16 crashes. They cost me $260, which is half the price if I purchased them individually. They came out of the box shimmering, with a Brilliant finish. But the best part was the beautiful warm sound they gave off. It's a natural bright, not too high and not too low. They speak very quickly and have beautiful warm undertones. I like them because, for the first time, I have crashes that I can hit during a soft part of a song and the sound fits well. And during loud parts they cut perfectly and blend well with the music.

I used these cymbals in the studio recently and the sound engineer, had very positive comments about the crash sound. He could tell there was quite a difference from the other cymbals I had used before. They are also extremely durable. I have broken many cymbals throughout my carrier and these are still looking and sounding great.


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